Why Teach the Arts?

All across the country, schools are seeing their arts budgets cut. Classes like music and art are no longer being taught. This is why it’s so important to have a school like Blue Mountain where children can learn about the arts. Why should we teach art to children in the 21st century?

The arts teach children positive habits and behaviors.

Nothing will teach your child about the rewards of hard work like learning an instrument or mastering a difficult dance move. Learning the arts require discipline and practice, and it will help our children develop the skills they need later in life.

The arts make our children more creative adults.

Even if your child doesn’t go on to become a famous ballerina, her training in ballet will make her more creative as an adult. Creativity is necessary for any job, and anyone who has it will be much better off.

The arts teach our children critical thinking.

They will be much better in classes like English and history because of the critical thinking skills they learn in the arts.

The arts help students with mathematics.

There is math in art. Music and dancing are extremely mathematical. There is geography in visual art and theatre. Even writing requires a certain amount of understanding of statistics and spatial recognition.

These are just a few of the reasons teaching the arts to children is a beneficial thing to do. Call us today and get more information on our upcoming classes!